About Julia

Born in 2005 into a family of musicians, I have been surrounded by music, musicians, poets, visual artists and other fabulously creative people my entire life.  As a child, in an apartment directly over my parents' recording studio, I was lulled to sleep every night by the best.  

Richie Havens, David Amram, Bernard Purdie, New York Broadway, Classical and Jazz Artists, were regulars at the dinner table for casual conversation. I heard the music and stories from the musicians themselves who made American Music History.

With my twin brother, the studio after-hours became our playground with pianos, B3 organs, guitars, and drums to explore.  From this, came my own music; the combination of sounds, history and love from all those musicians who helped raise me. 

Now at 18, people refer to me as not only a songwriter but a playwright and activist.  I have had the honor of being the youngest Featured Artist for the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art's Balcony Bar from Home Series (July, 2021) as well as being the Featured Artist in collaboration with NYC-based string quartet ETHEL for multiple performances in the MET’s Petrie Court Cafe and Carroll and Milton Petrie European Sculpture Court (Sept. 2023).  I have been been interviewed by Sandy Hook Promise and have performed for multiple Generation Ratify events (supporting the ERA movement).  As a playwright, my original short play #NotOkay premiered December, 2022 at the Mezzanine Theatre in NYC in partnership with CreateHer/SheNYCArts. 

My work is all about stories of personal confidence, social justice concerns and the importance of mental health.  I would love to hear from you and share in your stories as well.


"A bright young talent with a great future ahead of her.”  
     - Carl Sturken, Songwriter/Record Producer

"...the product of very mature musical choices, amid an atmosphere of youthful positive energy, fearlessness and fun."
     - Walter Parks, Award Winning Songwriter/Vocalist/Guitarist

"Julia Crafton is a better songwriter at 15 than I was at 25..."
     - Dayna Kurtz, Award Winning American Singer/Songwriter